MEDIUM     15.cm       Regular   B

LARGE      16.2cm     Regular   C
  XLARGE   18.2cm    Small C- D- DD
Q.   How do I know what size to Order

A.   Measure your bust across the fullest part
       just your cup size then compare it to the size chart

Q.   I am a B cup but I'm large on your chart

A    Then order the Large as that's your size

Q.   Will I need to wear fitted tops all the time

A.   No just at first then you can work out your wardrobe
              and see what works and what dosn't .all clothes  
       Fitted in the bust area will work with Bustfree Bra
Q.   I have lost my bust with breast cancer can I wear your bra

A.   Most definitely this bra has many health benefits  and yours is top of our list,

       We supply two inserst free with your order

Q.   Can I swim with these cups in my bathers

A.   Yes the pool chemicials  will not harm the product

Q .  I would like a larger bust is there padding in your bra

A.   If you buy the next size up from your size you have an enhancement bra

Q.   I get neck and back pain wearing bras what makes Bustfree bra any different

A.   We have a lot of good feedback from wearers of our Bra and it relieves neck    
       and back pain

Our bra has no restrictions in the way of straps or a back band with clips so you are very comfortable with our feather weight bra. It won't be the first thing you take off  when you get home
Photo's on this page show you the cups with no adhesive
and how soft they look . Please check your size before ordering

How much would you pay for a comfortable Bra ! 

     SMALL        14cm        AA-A
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Size Chart
Sorry NO Refunds due to health reasons, Make sue you measure yourself correctly before ordering,Our bra is packaged so you can place it over your bust when you receiveit, If you have ordered the wrong size send it back for exchange only if its unopend from cello wraping, and we will be more then happy to replace it.  
Strapless Backless No sticky Adhesive